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Flyers, Brochures, Newsletters, Restaurant Menus, Stationery, Stickers, Posters, Personalised Note Pads and more...

Letter Box Distribution

Distributing your completed marketing flyer to either homes or other businesses services.

Personalised Design

Work with our design team to choose the right design for your promotion to determine the success of your marketing campaign.

Print Digital Offset

Offset printing press and full colour digital printing for the production of your flyer. Competitive printing prices and quick turn around times.


Hi-Fliers Distribution has a very unique fully automated Auditing system where ever delivery is monitored and reported

Our team here at Hi-Fliers Distribution (HFD) pride ourselves on being one of the longest established distribution companies here in Western Melbourne that provides prompt, professional and quality designing, printing and distributing services for our clients and their marketing niche.

Established in 2003, HFD is a subsidiary company of ROC Enterprises Pty. Ltd. and began trading initially as an advertising distribution company with our Director being the very first walker delivering flyers throughout Hoppers Crossing in western metropolitan Melbourne. Today, HFD have more than 180 Walkers delivering flyers throughout the Cities of Hobson’s Bay and Wyndham, covering close to 80,000 homes, and the resources to service all metropolitan Melbourne suburbs.

Over the years, HFD has aided in promoting thousands of local small to medium-sized businesses throughout the western suburbs of Melbourne using our unique advertising system that focuses mainly on delivering our clients’ flyers into residents’ mailboxes. HFD does NOT deliver newspapers and all our flyers are inserted into residents’ letterbox slots, not newspaper receptacles. This allows our clients to obtain better exposure for their advertising fees, an enormous advantage when compared to the services offered by our competitors.

At HFD, we are constantly sourcing new options to increase business for our clients’ businesses. As an added feature of our services, we are now offering marketing campaigns to promote and improve our clients’ business exposure using the latest ‘hi tech’ methods.

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